13 January 2022 – Hangry

“I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my daily bread.” – Job 23:12

Food is pretty important. It keeps us alive. Our brains are wired to alert us of hunger when we haven’t eaten for a while. If we go too long without eating, other chemicals are released that cause us to become agitated – the term is hangry (a combination of hungry and angry).

As important as food is to the body, the word of God is even of more importance to the soul. Is my getting hangry keeping me from holiness? The question that gets answered on a fast is, “What’s more important to me? God’s word, or my next meal?”

Prayer: Lord, I love You. Thank You for the breath in my lungs and for giving me Your word. Purify my motives. Help my heart, hands, and stomach to line up with the desires of Your heart. Amen.