16 January 2022 – You Give Them Something…

“Jesus replied, ‘They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat.’” – Matthew 14:16

Jesus had just heard that His cousin, John the Baptist, had been killed. He went to be by Himself to pray and grieve, but the needs of the people wouldn’t allow Him time to do either. Jesus’ disciples saw the crowd and that their need was too great for what they could provide for in their own strength and resources.

Jesus had compassion on the crowd (compassion always precedes the miraculous. If you want to see God’s power on display, get His heart for people). It was also a defining moment for His disciples. It was time to grow up and become part of the ministry and the solution.

“You give them something to eat.”

Many times, we are overwhelmed with the needs and crises of others. This forces us to make a choice: either turn away and try not to see it because after all what can we do to help, or go to the One who can do something about it.

God is not calling us just to sit back and watch the Jesus show. He wants us to engage with the needs of people and to engage with Him to meet them. He is calling us to intercede (stand in the gap) in prayer and in people’s lives to exalt the name of Jesus in the midst of a lost, sick, and dying world.

Prayer: Jesus I love You. Thank You for Your power, provision, and compassion. Help me to see people and situations the way You do. Give me Your heart and help me to pray and act like You so that Your love, truth, and power can be on display in my life. Amen