Day 14 of 21: Disciples of Discipline

Matthew 28:19 Go and make disciples…

Jesus created the church. He then gave us our mission statement in The Great Commission. Over the next few days, we are going to break it down and look at what it means, as well as what it means for us today.

Yesterday, we looked at us being able to go because we are submitted to Jesus’ authority in our lives. Today, we are going to discuss WHY we are to go. We are not to make proselytes, convincing people to believe what we believe. We are not to make churchgoers. We are not to make religious zealots. We are to make disciples. Jesus is our Rabbi, our Master, our Teacher. We are not called to simply follow in His proximity, but to observe, learn from Him, and do likewise.

A disciple is a disciplined learner. Think of a college student. There is a huge investment to be able to take classes that will one day result in a degree and a profession (that’s the idea anyway). It will involve study, reading, assignments, listening to presentations, practical applications, and tests.

We are to first BE disciples. We must learn and submit to the teachings of those who are in authority over us. We must grow in the disciplines of study, research, prayer, worship, sitting under the preached word, applying what we learn, and testing.

Then when we have gone through the process, we are to share with others and be a witness of what you have witnessed. We are to teach them as we have been taught – to be disciples.

Lord, I love You. I thank You for today. You are Holy and I bless Your name. There is none like You. Lord help me to take You, Your word, and Your Kingdom seriously. Help me to be Your disciple, to learn from You, and to grow in discipline in my life. Lord, I pray that You would give me a strategy for my sphere of influence. Show me how You want me to go, and to whom You would send me. Lord, raise up laborers for the harvest and help me to be laborer in the harvest of my context. In Jesus’ name, amen.