Day 15 of 21: All Nations

Matthew 28:19 Go and make disciples of all nations…

The Greek word, ethnos, for nations here does not just mean people from various countries. It means differing ethnic groups. It could be said this way, “Go and make disciples of every kind of person. Go everywhere and to everyone.” That may seem simple at first glance, but human history shows that people have a fear of or even a hatred for those who do not share the same cultural distinctives or appearance.

Jesus doesn’t stop there. He’s not just sending us to those that differ than us culturally. We are also being sent to those that make more or make less than we do, who smell different, vote different, or talk different than we do. The call is to go into the highways and byways and declare the Gospel to all (1 Corinthians 9:19-22). We are to cast our nets to catch all kinds of fish, not just use lures to catch fish that look like us.

This means that we must be intentional about learning, and yes, genuinely loving other people. We must care about what their needs are, and then do what we can to meet them. We must tell them what we have witnessed and share the Gospel. We are to call them to repentance and to turn to God and to be baptized. We are to make disciples of all nations, not just the ones we are comfortable with, but to everyone who God brings into our path, or into whose path God sends us.

1. Intercession – ask God for their soul and to send laborers to the lost. Engage in spiritual warfare.

2. Identify needs and prayerfully see if you can realistically meet any. Ask Go to meet the needs you cannot.

3. Meet needs. Build a bridge of mercy.

4. Share the Gospel.

5. Make disciples of the fish you catch.

Jesus, I love You. You are Holy and I thank You for Your mercy and grace. God, forgive my prejudice and arrogance. Help me to love people the way You do. Break my heart for the lost the way Your heart is broken. I need You today. Help me to not let my selfishness blind me to the needs and worth of those around me. Send me into the harvest. In Your name, amen.