Day 19 of 21: Pots of Gold

2 Corinthians 4:7 But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.

One of the greatest archaeological discoveries has been the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls. As Archaeologist went into The Cave they found a bunch of weathered ordinary plane looking clay pots. Inside them however where thousands of manuscripts that the predated or earliest copies of the Old Testament. There were many that were challenging the accuracy and validity of those writings. The Dead Sea Scrolls put that conversation to rest once and for all.

There was priceless treasure in what seemed like old dusty ordinary pots. We too have the immense amazing treasure of the Holy Spirit the life source presence and power of the living God living on the inside of us. We are just clay pots formed of the dust of the ground, but when we surrender our lives to Jesus, He fills us with Himself. He, then, through us brings light and life to the world.

The problem is that we fill our jars up with junk. We get so easily distracted and begin to fill our jars with entertainment, lust, gossip, addictions, etc. When we do this, we don’t leave any room for the Holy Spirit. He can’t fill our jars with the treasure of Himself because we are so full of us. This is a large part of what fasting is all about. We empty ourselves of our junk in order to be filled by Him.

1. We must want to be clean and filled. When we live with our trash long enough, we can get comfortable with it. We must see it, not just as sin, but that which is blocking God’s flow in our lives.

2. We must repent, ask for forgiveness, and do the work of resistance and elimination of sin and its triggers. We must clean out our jars.

3. Ask the Lord to fill you with Himself and position ourselves so He can by getting into His word, prayer, and worship. Just because the water is on and you have a cup doesn’t mean you get a drink. You must place your cup under the flow, then drink.

Jesus I love You and I thank You for today. I ask forgiveness for filling up on things that don’t satisfy. Help me to empty myself of the excess and flesh so that I may be filled with You. Fill the clay jar of my life with the treasure of Your Spirit today. I need You. In Your name, amen.