Food Fight

Day 16 of 21: January 26, 2024

Job 23:12 I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food.

We need food to live. We need God’s word to live forever. Fasting challenges our desires and subdue the flesh. This is why Jesus tells us that fasting is an important discipline (Matthew 6:16-18). It’s a time when we deny our belly to feed our spirit.

Make God’s word a priority today. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal His word and read the Bible. Look for Him in the pages of Scripture, and you will find Him (Isaiah 55:6).

Lord, I love You. Thank You for today. Help me to learn and love Your word and see it for the treasure it is. I ask for forgiveness for my casual attitude toward Your word. Help me to treasure it more than my necessary food. Amen.